ALO Audio CD Ripper

ALO Audio CD Ripper 3.0

Provides a simple way to extract the audio of your CDs to various formats
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ALO Audio CD Ripper is a utility that provides you with a simple way to extract the audio of your CDs to various formats. It is capable of loading the CD tracks automatically and also of retrieving - optionally - the album information present on your audio CD. You can also choose the CD drive you want to extract the audio tracks from, in case you have more than one available. All of that in easy-to-use environment.

Once the program has loaded the available audio tracks automatically from your CD, you can proceed to select only the ones you really want to extract. The program even recognizes the session number for each track, in case of multiple-session discs. Then, you can select a format for the output audio files: WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg, AMR, AC3, or AAC. Once ready, you can proceed to configure the format-specific parameters on a separate window, which varies depending on the format chosen. For example, for MP3 you can set a very complete set of options, including the sample rate, the number of channels, the highpass and lowpass filtering options, VBR (variable bit rate) options, and many more.

Besides all that, the program offers you some configuration options especially designed to rip scratched discs – thus, you can select the sector reading mode and the number of attempts to read a failing sector. You can also set the action to perform in case of unrecoverable read errors - Stop, Silence, or Cut. Finally, the program also allows you to configure some parameters to connect to "", the online music database, and retrieve the album information in case it is missing.

In short, ALO Audio CD Ripper helps you to extract the tracks of your audio CDs easily – even when they are scratched - and save them into several popular audio formats.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to select the tracks you want to extract
  • Recognizes the session number for each track on multiple-session discs
  • Supports all the most popular audio formats for the output
  • You can thoroughly configure the format-specific parameters
  • Allows you to configure some parameters especially designed to rip scratched discs


  • Poor visual design
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